The Low-Down

What is barre?

Barre is a no-impact workout that combines Pilates, yoga, and some ballet inspired movement. Using mostly your own body weight and some light weights, you’ll work within very small movements and high reps to fatigue the muscles. We don’t have mirrors as we believe in the working from within the mind body connection without any distractions. It’s hard to tap in sometimes but we got you!  This is totally accessible to every-body and everyone! Beginners welcome in any class.

What kind of yoga do you offer?

We currently offer Vinyasa, Power Flow, and HIIT Yoga. All classes are open to all levels.  Each teacher can work seamlessly with beginners and intermediate students in one class.  The room temperature is set between 78 – 80 degrees.  If you have any injuries or concerns, reach out to your teacher before class begins to discuss. We also hold monthly workshops…follow us on social media to stay in the know!


Virtual! Access us from anywhere but want a local event, contact us and let’s connect! We love doing pop ups, events and getting people together!

Virtual? How does this work if I signed up for ALL ACCESS

If you signed up for All Access, you will have access to the live stream classes AKA events that will be listed on the calendar

Click the classes you want

top right corner click add to calendar this will remind you that you want to join this class

At the time of this event, you will sign into your namastream account, go to calendar, click that class and click JOIN SESSION (it will stay gray until teacher activates the class so don’t be alarmed)


No props are needed unless specified. Options for props if wanted:

Rolled up towel or belt for strap

Cans of beans, water bottles, wine bottles for weights (don’t drop the wine 🙂 )


Books for blocks



Class Cancellation Policy

We do our best to never have to cancel classes, but if we do have to cancel we will update our FB group page and IG.

-morning classes will be cancelled at least 1 hour in advance

-All other classes will be cancelled at least 2 hours in advance

-If you are already on the roster for the cancelled class you will

-We will also post on social media (Facebook + Instagram) regarding the cancellation


How do I cancel my membership?

In your Namastream account at the top right corner you can click “My Account”, scroll down to your subscriptions and you can edit from there. Please feel free to reach out Info@rootedbarreyoga.com if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.