Justine Romanoff

Studied, practiced, a lover of detail…these are a few aspects of Justine’s teaching style that might align beautifully with you. 

She is deeply interested in body-mind connection and is tireless when working with others to cultivate and restore this often-neglected bond.  This focus is inspired by her many years, both as a student and teacher of dance and yoga disciplines. Her combined experience in the domain of movement arts education spans 20+ years.

Justine fell in love with the practice of yoga in 2006, and she has never looked back, lost interest or waivered in her high regard for all the benefit and insight it provides.  “There is so much depth within this subject, I could never get bored with it!”, she says.  “If anything, it offers the practitioner a lot of room to adapt and shift within the multi-faceted system it provides – it meets you where you’re at.”  What began for her as more of an emphasis on the heat-generating and athletic attributes of Ashtanga and vinyasa yoga styles, later expanded into a call for more restorative practices. Currently she has been investigating more of an Iyengar approach, through her own natural aging process, in addition to her ongoing search for more therapeutic solutions to better address student need. Justine concludes, “Yoga truly offers something for everyone.”

Although, her exploration of yoga continues, her latest formal training was a 2-year yoga therapy program with the Montreal based teaching centre, Naada Yoga.  Here she began to broaden her private practice to include more specific attention on individuals managing health issues. After her relocation to Portland from Canada, nearly 2-years ago with her husband, Brad, and their two little girls. She continues to work passionately with teen girls through her, yoga-based, teen empowerment program called, Unshakeable Me, and with preschoolers in a class blending yoga and creative movement called, Mindful Dancer.