Kristin Niebuhr


Following a successful career as a print and runway model, Kristin moved her focus and dedication to whole body wellness.

Her ultimate goal was to learn how to be the healthiest version of herself, inside and out, and find new and exciting ways to maintain a high level of fitness. In 2012, she discovered the barre method and instantly fell in love with the strong body and mind connection it afforded her. Shortly after, she became a certified holistic health coach, through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and learned how best to mentor people through food and lifestyle changes. In 2014, she became a certified barre instructor, with 100 hours of comprehensive training under her belt, and created a very exciting and distinctive method in the practice.

She created The Rooted Collective to give Portland a fresh take on barre and yoga, with a continuous education on mind, body, and spirituality in the practice.

Kristin has taught over 1,500 barre classes and successfully run ten separate 80 hour training programs to students all over the Northeast. She has also completed her 200 hour Yoga training and is always looking to deepen her knowledge in all practices of movement.

Kristin’s classes are energizing, challenging, and transformative.