Liz Merci

Liz is high energy and so are her flows! She teaches Yoga HIIT & Yoga Beats at TRC and loves infusing a different vibe into her classes every time. You never know what to expect. Her yoga practice began in 2014 and she traveled to Thailand for her YTT in July 2018. The experience inspired her to start blogging about her love for yoga and the practice OFF the mat. Read her blog here! Her intention is for you to feel good and serve your highest self during class. She encourages listening to the body, pushing when it feels good, and taking the awareness from the mat into life. Liz is also on a journey to support women and girls in their shadow work around binge eating, perfectionism, and scarcity struggles. She will be a certified health coach in June 2020 and is thrilled to up-level what she can offer this community in her classes. Her mantra: I love and and accept all part of this human experience. Connect with her on social media!