Natalie Talbot

5 years ago, I started taking yoga in Boston and fell in love with it. 2 years ago, I moved HOME to Maine and found Rooted. I started taking Yoga here, shortly after tried Barre, and immediately I was hooked!  Not only is barre a good workout and still challenges me every time (You’ll notice I shake every time when we do “thighs”!) but the community at Rooted keeps me coming back day after day and now year after year! I (truly) enjoy running so I find that yoga and barre are the perfect complement to running! The addition of barre has made a significant impact on my running endurance! Besides my love for fitness and health, I’m all about balance in life! I love going out to eat and drinking wine with friends, and what better place to do this than in Portland Maine! I’m a lover of all season, yes, even winter! –It keeps it interesting! For me, friends, family, health, community, and the coast of Maine is everything!