Jolie Ritzo

 I teach yoga not just because it is a passion, but also because I want to share this ancient practice with
others. I believe yoga is for every body and that there is something for everyone who makes the time
and space on their mat to connect breath and movement with intention.
People arrive on the mat for different reasons: movement, stress reduction, curiosity, social connection.
Often a yoga class has the power to be greater than what someone is showing up for, an experience and
opportunity to make moves physically and mentally. I strive to create engaging and nurturing sequences
that provide numerous chances to open tight hips, hamstrings, chest, shoulder and back muscles. The
combination of breath work and physical postures allow yogis to both relax and restore while building
strength and stamina.
On a more personal note, I live in Falmouth with my husband and two children. We love to play outside:
skiing, bouncing, hiking, boating, running, gardening. I have made personal choices along the way to live
in Maine because of my ability to connect with the natural world while also being able to find balance in
home life and my career. I work in healthcare, specifically health transformation. I believe there is a
better way for people to access care and have better health in their communities. This belief keeps me
going even though the work is hard. As for my hobbies, I love to cook and bake, and I also love to paint.